Some years ago, I was working with a client who wanted to add some sustainability focused features to their new build, something that was not common at the time.

We added rainwater storage tanks to the new build for rainwater harvesting and re-use, however the compliance pathway was complex and there were many regulatory barriers to deal with.

Thankfully, today, Councils and Local Authorities encourage rainwater harvesting and, in many cases, it is required as part of your Resource Consent or Building Consent.

Bailey Tanks can now supply the Max Smart Pump system that allows you to get the best from your water tank.

Max Smart Pump System

The Max Smart pump system is pre plumbed and it allows you to connect the pump to your tank but also to connect it to the mains water supply, so that if the tank water level is low, the switching value automatically draws from the council mains, then switches back to tank water when the tank has sufficient water capacity.

With Max Smart you can connect your tank water to non-potable supply inside the house like toilets, washing machine or to outside taps.  The testable backflow prevention ensures compliance with council regulations and a filter is included.

The Max Smart pump system includes a cover and a base which can be moulded in colours to match your tank colour.  All the workings of the pump and the valves are protected by the pump cover.

An added feature of the Max Smart pump is that they can be used for tanks that are above ground, but they can also draw water up from a tank located lower than the pump or from an inground tank.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a simple and effective way that we can all contribute to a more sustainable way of life, and the Max Smart pump system will help you do that.

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