Bryce McDermott from Resene Paints, has kindly provided some additional tips on storage and cleaning of brushes and rollers:


Brushes should be cleaned after each use. If I am using water based paint I have two brushes. I use one and when I see a build-up of paint on it I put it in a bucket of water and pick up the other one. Makes cleaning at the end of the day much easier.

Brushes, once clean should have their bristles smoothed out and hung on a nail or hook.

If stored and found to be slightly hard restore them with brush cleaner.


When you are finished with a roller run a broad knife down the roller to remove excess paint back into the container. Then hose off on the lawn to clean them DO NOT CLEAN THEM IN THE LAUNDRY SINK OR DOWN THE STORM WATER. I hang them on the line still attached to the roller handle to dry. Once dry remove them from the handle as they may become impossible to remove if there is a small amount of paint on the inside of the sleeve.

Rollers that have been used for oil-based paints can be wrapped in plastic to keep the paint wet overnight, although any longer than that and they become unusable. Keep using the roller until finished and then let them harden and dispose of them in household waste rather than having large amounts of dirty solvent left over.

Once clean and dry rollers can be put back in their plastic sleeve or put in a box so they don’t become dirty.

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