Render has been a popular finish for literally decades in NZ, and we found clever examples of render in the old villa we renovated in 2020.

The original fireplace had a decorative render around the fireplace opening, with a piped grout line that was then painted over.

Once we got underway with the restoration of this workers cottage, firstly we decided to keep the original chimney’s rather than remove them completely, then we exposed all of the brickwork by removing the existing lining but that left us the dilemma of how to finish them in a way that was respectful of the age of the house but also complementing the more modern look we wanted.

After spending many hours scraping back the excess mortar and cleaning the brick face I had a chat with Mike Olds from Resene Construction Systems to look for a modern render that could be applied to the old brick.

We decided to keep the original shape of the chimney which meant the render needed to be applied to each course of bricks as it stepped up to the ceiling.

A tricky job for the guys from Sounds Homes, but Kaleb is a master of his craft and the end result is a testament to his skill and the quality of the product.

Once the render had been applied, we loved the finish that much that we applied a clear protective coating in the Living Room to showcase the render.