J-Frame is manufactured by Juken New Zealand Ltd at their processing plant at Masterton.

During my time gaining knowledge about the J-Frame I was lucky enough to discuss and learn from different individuals about their opinions and experiences working with J-Frame.

Here’s how the J-Frame is made.

I then went on to interview Ash Sparks from Asparks builders, Wellington at the JNL Mill. This is where they make the J-Frame. Great advice and information from Ash, Thanks mate!

I was fortunate enough to have a look around an Easybuild show home in Masterton.
Chatting with Jock Buckthought from Capital Precut Solutions about him and his men putting together these modular style homes.
It’s interesting to see how we are adapting to these new ways.

I travelled to Highmark Homes, Wairarapa to speak with Reuben Weber he said as chippy the using of the J-Frame just sped up the whole process, here’s what else he had to say.

As you can guess from all the previous videos the J-Frame seems to be doing just the job!
Its straight, dimensionally accurate and the handling of the J-Frame on site is far easier than solid timber.

To find out more about the J-Frame head over to https://www.jnl.co.nz/product/framing-j-frame/ They have great information for you to get stuck into, and to see if you also want to change from conventional framing.

It’s the way of the future!