If you are at home, looking at your garden or drive way, thinking…”gosh with all this rain I need to sort out that boggy area”, Black Snake drainage coil is the solution for you.

Black Snake drainage coil is a sub-soil drainage solution that allows water to filter into the pipe via the slots punched into the coil and then be directed away. Drainage coil at the base of a retaining wall is a standard feature of good practice and I have also used it when preparing landscaped areas to manage stormwater runoff.

The corrugated design gives great strength to coil and resists crushing when the trench or void is backfilled, but also allows for flexibility when curving the Black Snake.

Within the Black Snake range, there is both slotted and unslotted drainage coil and sizes from 110mm to 160mm diameter which means you have options for drainage of high-volume areas or using the unslotted Black Snake to carry water away

Plan before you start. The excess water that is drained away should be discharged to a point that is lower than the area being drained. One thing I have learnt after all these years in the trade, is that water does not flow uphill, so adequate fall on the coil is essential. Make sure the discharged water will drain to a suitable location that will not affect other areas of the property or neighboring properties. Best practice is to ensure that the water collected drains to a cesspit which is connected to a stormwater system. Connections to the public stormwater system will need approval from Council.

When draining a back yard or large area the pipe should be installed in row spacings of between 5m to 10m apart.

Backfill around the pipe should be free draining gravel of around 5-10mm in size. This will prevent soil from entering the pipe.

Some years ago I was onsite during a storm, and it was incredibly satisfying to see the water pouring out of the drainage coil that had been laid behind the block retaining walls that formed the basement of the house, into the cesspit.  Using the Black Snake drainage coil at the beginning of the job, installing it well, will protect that house for years to come.


black snake drain coil image laying the black snake drain coil in the ground