Last year this Resident Builder forged a new working relationship with Easy Access Co.  Most Tradies would know Easy Access for their range of ladders, scaffolds and  edge protection, widely available from trade stores throughout New Zealand.   Since working with the Easy Access over the past few months, I have discovered that there is more to this Kiwi company than meets the eye.

Here are 5 things I like about Easy Access that you may not know.


Easy Access Co. is a family-owned company formed by two brothers in rural Northland over 20 years ago.  Jeff and Shane Wearmouth started operating the business out of their father’s farm shed.  Back then they marketed a single product – The Stabull Platform – which they peddled to builders on construction sites around New Zealand and Australia directly from their van.  Two decades on, the business still sells the Stabull, and has grown to become New Zealand’s foremost height access equipment supplier with the widest range available.

Still run by Managing Director, Jeff Wearmouth, the Easy Access Group employs over 60 people at five locations around the country.  Many of the company’s products are designed and manufactured at the company’s Maungaturoto factory.  These products are distributed through trade stores within New Zealand and exported to distributors around the world – including to brother, Shane who now operates a height access company in the USA. 


Making it easy for Tradies to remain safe and compliant when working at heights is what drives the development of Easy Access products.  It goes without saying that builders and related trades want to stay safe while they are working and avoid injury or excessive fatigue.  Health and safety legislation also requires operators to follow best practice guidelines to keep themselves and others safe.

With all of that in mind, Easy Access understands that their customers still have a job to do, and they need to be efficient and productive.   Easy Access products are not only designed for safety and compliance; but also to make it as easy as possible for users to get the job done efficiently, while keeping safe, healthy and in the good books of the regulatory authority .


The suggested load rating required for ladders in on a commercial site is 150Kg, so it is good to know that all Easy Access Trade ladders meet that as a minimum.  In fact, all Easy Access aluminium double-sided ladders and platform ladders are rated to 180Kg.  Further, the recently launched AdjustaStep height-adjustable platform ladder is rated to a whopping 200Kg, making these models the strongest available in New Zealand!

Given the strength and durability of these ladders, it is likely that over the ladder’s lifetime you will need to replace the rubber or plastic feet to avoid sharp edges damaging surfaces.  Replacement feet are readily available for all ladders in the Easy Access range.  Just give them a call.

Easy Access Mobile Towers are also the strongest on the New Zealand market – both the MOBI Compact Scaffold Tower and the Full Size H Frame Tower are rated to a massive 450Kg or medium duty maximum safe working load!


While the Easy Access range of products are exclusively sold via a network of trade stores throughout New Zealand, Easy Access is still very much in contact with their ultimate customers: Trade and industrial users.  Easy Access operates a busy call-centre, fielding enquiries from end users of their products.

The friendly customer support team – Lauren, Betsy and Letitia – will talk customers through the best ladder or scaffold for the task required, making it easy for them to purchase from their local store.  Sometimes the team will contact the store to let them know the customer is coming to make sure they have the product ready for their visit!

The Sales Representatives who regularly call on the stores around the country, also keep in touch directly with industry.  In fact, Easy Access Reps will visit you onsite and provide free training on the safe use of ladders and scaffolds for you and your staff.   A workbook is provided to trainees for future reference, and on correct completion of a quiz within the workbook, certificates are issued to trainees.  This on-the-job training ticks one of the boxes required for maintaining Licensed Building Practitioner status – a convenient bonus for LBP Builders.

Easy Access Reps are also regularly attending trade store breakfasts and other events throughout the country, including the BSM Roadshow that last year featured my video about the safe and compliant use of ladders and scaffolds.  Tony, Richard and Selwyn are always at the ready to hear your feedback and to answer any questions.


Assembly, maintenance, and operational instructions are available for Easy Access products as applicable.  Given that some of the earliest Mobile Towers produced by Easy Access are still going strong and in regular use on worksites 20 years on, it is likely that the product may have outlasted the original instructions that it came with.

In addition, there may have been updates to the instructions since they were originally purchased, based on changes in regulations over time.  Just call the team at Easy Access and request a new up-to-date copy of any documentation required.

MD, Jeff Wearmouth personally oversees the compliance and safety of the Easy Access product range.  I know that Jeff is happy to oblige with assistance to anyone needing advice on compliance, and is often called upon to unravel any confusion, and provide clarification around regulatory requirements at a practical level.

So there you have it – five reasons I like working with Easy Access.  Check out their website for more details.