For those of you that know me well, one of the most rewarding aspects of working on heritage houses, has given me the insight and the skills, plus the ability of the original builders and the materials they used.

I imagine that the early carpenters who began building villa’s, using Kauri would have been amazed at the quality of the timber and delighted in its strength and it’s workability. The fact that many of these buildings exist today is testament to that.

However, time and gravity are unstoppable, and its effects were visible when I looked at the dramatic sag in the rafters supporting the roofing of the Huis Project restoration, we completed last year.

When the iron roof was removed, we straightened the rafters (not easy) and fastened the J-Frame to the old rafters to keep them straight. We pre-cut new rafters using J-Frame Structural LVL 140×45.

The superb strength inherent in LVL lumber proved itself and fixed the sagging.

Innovation and development have always been part of building, and I reckon J-Frame is leading the way in strength and stability in framing timber.

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