Entrant: WG de Gruchy Construction Limited
Project Partners: Cheshire Architects (Architect/Designer

Underscoring everything is a commitment to the organic, the bespoke, and the hand made. In pursuing the demands of an intense hospitality operation, we made lights from twisted old vine branches, plastered walls with ROCKCOTE clay plaster and straw, laid local stone against the chimney, dyed fabrics and painted tiles by hand. In these principles – the organic, the bespoke, the hand-made – we’re just trying to get spatial experience to stand in the same place as that the beer, the wine and the food should take you.

Owned by: Tantalus Estate

Rockcote Earthen Decor Clay plaster interior. Deep moody blue clay plaster was selected for the ‘Tantalus Private Dining’ room.

The main dining and reception featured Rockcote Earthen Decor Clay plaster infused with chopped straw for a luxurious rustic feel.

Exterior was a combination of local quarried stone alongside ROCKCOTE MultiStop blended with oxides and locals sands to provide the bespoke local feel and continuity of surroundings.

Rockcote Artisan Plasterer –

Mike May Plastering

To find out more about Resene Rockcote – check out their website

Tantalus Reception

Tantalus Private Dining